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Language plays a major part in our education system. At Arts Junior Montessori we offer four languages; English, Japanese, Mandarin and Malay. English is the main language spoken in Arts Junior Montessori however the teachers who are educating the children in the specific languages speak only that language.

This enhances the children's ability to speak and understand the different languages. All languages offered are catered to the two types of children; Native Speakers and those learning the language as a second language.


English is the most frequently spoken language in the classrooms. Though parents may choose which languages their child can learn, we hold the English language of high importance and strongly encourage every child to undertake the subject. In our English classes children will learn:

·The phonic sound of each letter in the alphabet
·How to combine letter sounds to make words
·How to read these words to make simple sentences
·Be introduced to simple story reading.

We have also established a learning program for children who are
preparing for Primary 1 education. Children in this group will learn:

·Basic Comprehension

ESL (English as a Second Language)

ESL is an acronym that is used primarily in educational settings and stands for English as a Second Language. It refers to teaching English to a person who's native or primary language is one other than English.

Our ESL program focuses on the English alphabet and phonics through a combination of visual and auditory presentation.

Children will grasp the English language through;

·Arts and Craft
·Visual presentation
·Sensorial Presentation


At Arts Junior Montessori we offer Mandarin as both a mother tongue and a second language. Children learning the Chinese language, as a second language will begin by exploring the language through;


Children whose mother tongue is Mandarin will enhance their
ability through learning;


Arts Junior Montessori has carefully developed a special Mandarin program for children who are preparing for Primary One.


At Arts Junior Montessori we have created a special language environment for non-native Japanese as well as those children who are native speaking Japanese.Our curriculum follows to Ministry of Education kindergarten curriculum in Japan. It covers four seasons, traditional evens, songs and stories in Japan. Writing and reading Japanese is also covered in daily lessons.

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