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Children should know how to take care of themselves and their environment. In our Physical Education exercises we aim for children to understand how to take careof themselves and avoid injury, as well as how to protect themselves through defense.


Arts Junior Montessori is an International School. Therefore Children learn to build a relationship with people from other cultures. Children also learn how to connect with others, respect one another and love one another. Children can also bring this attitude home, building good relationships with their family, friends and others.


Children should know how to respect and protect our environment.
They must adapt themselves with new or different environments.


Children will expand vocabulary and way to communicate. They need to enjoy communicating in different ways with language.


The children should express themselves with words, physically, expression of face etc…It is very important to know how to communication with full expression. Art and crafts, as well as music are also ways children can express themselves.


Arts are a major part of our school program. Children should be able to bring something home everyday. Art and craft does not only develop creativity skills, but also imagination skills.Fine motor skills are also further enhanced while working on the paint brushes, crayons and other coloring mediums.
Our school believes in hands on learning, children should be able to create while learning!


The Violin is a beautiful instrument to the ears; it is one that is known to bring joy and peace to those who would lend its song their ear.

Arts Junior Montessori has engaged a professional Suzuki Violin teacher to conduct violin lessons to the children on a weekly basis.

Children who learn this instrument develop:

·Good listening skills
·Music Appreciation
·Coordination Skills
·How to care and be responsible for an instrument
·Develop intuition skills

Our teachers are also taught the violin; this is so we can assist your child in practicing on a daily basis.


We believe that it is important for children to exercise every day.Our program includes a FUN daily physical development activity such as:


Aikido is more than a Martial Art, or a Physical Development activity. By practicing Aikido children will:

·Learn to coordinate body movements
·Learn easy self-defense
·Practice falling safely
·Enjoy fun yet educational group games
·Train their minds to be strong
·Pick up some simple Japanese commands


Outdoor play is encouraged on a daily basis. Children are allowed to play freely with one another with our outdoor equipment under the supervision of our teachers.


Children love to express themselves, not only through play but through movement.During Dance Aerobics, our teacher guides children how to warm up their muscles, before breaking into some funky movements where they will learn how to move to beats and tempos. Children are able to express themselves during this dance time.After much fun, children will cool down to some soft music and relax all those well exercised muscles.


Music helps to work on rhythm, beatand learning about the different tempos. It also helps to develop the children's gross motor skills, while also enabling them to work on their creativity and imagination skills while working with the appropriate props. Children enjoy Music and Movement through song and dance with the big or small parachute, bubbles, and instruments.

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